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Cleon and Marissa's Highlight Video

Cleon and Marissa have fostered a strong foundation of love and friendship that has blossomed into a union that will last a lifetime! www.epicweddingsja.com

Chris and Megan's Highlight Video

They were enough smiles to go around as friends and family bear witness to Chris and Megan's proclamation of forever love! www.epicweddingsja.com

Mike and Kerri's Highlight Video

Kerri and Mike seal their union with a kiss and share a beautiful day of love with family and friends!

Kobi and Dominique's Highlight Video

It was a festive celebration of love when Kobi and Dominique joined hearts and families! www.epicweddingsja.com

Serita and Ushane's Highlight Video

The union of Serita and Ushane is the epitome of an everlasting love, through life's challenges their bond only grows stronger! www.epicweddingsja.com

Alex and Phil's Love Celebration

It was a weekend of family, fun and forever love! Alex and Phil embark on an unforgettable adventure that is only just beginning! www.epicweddingsja.com

Allie and David's Highlight Video

Two hearts become one as Allie and David unite in love! www.epicweddingsja.com

Joanie and Jason's Highlight Video

An endless love, fearless hearts and a timeless union! Joanie and Jason make it official!

Keisha and Ronald's Highlight Video

Keisha and Ron express their heartfelt vows to each other as they celebrate an unshakeable love! www.epicweddingsja.com

Louise and Scott's Highlight Video

Scott and Louise enjoy a holiday of LOVE! www.epicweddingsja.com