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Margaret and Jeff's Highlight Video

Jeff and Margaret look forward to a beautiful life together as they celebrate their union on the white sands of Jamaica! www.epicweddingsja.com

Vicki and Damien's Highlight Video

20 years of love and happiness culminated into a night of JOY-ous celebration! www.epicweddingsja.com

Valerie and Gregory's Highlight Video

A little rain couldn't dampen the spirits of this beautiful couple! Valerie and Gregory enjoyed so many beautiful moments surrounded by friends and family!

Sherine and Albert's Highlight Video

A true display of unwavering love spanning decades! www.epicweddingsja.com

Katie and Daniel's Highlight Video

These lovebirds couldn't wait to tie the knot and make it official! www.epicweddingsja.com

Trev and Renee's Highlight Video

An undeniable chemistry and an undying love, Trev and Renee share a bond like no other! www.epicweddingsja.com

Sarah and Connor's Highlight Video

10 years of love and friendship sealed forever with a kiss, Sarah and Connor enjoy marital bliss!

Freya and Kevin's Highlight Video

You know you have found the one when the loving embraces feel like home and your moments feel like forever! www.epicweddingsja.com

Gee and Brianna's Highlight Video

Solemn vows followed by a night of celebration! Gee and Brianna make it official! #LOVEJONES www.epicweddingsja.com

Rehgina and Alex's Highlight Video

Showers of blessings adorned Rehgina and Alex as they sealed their union in the presence of family and friends! www.epicweddingsja.com